Merkur Gaming

Merkur, a US developer who has been active since 1957. At that time, Paul Gauselmann as a self-employed stand for machines laid the foundation stone for the today known group Gauselmann GmbH. There are few such US success storys. She took her course in 1974 with the first own playbothe under the name Casino Merkur playothek. But it took until 2010 until you could play the machines from Merkur online.

On our platform, fans of the manufacturer can play the games of Merkur for free without registration. The advantage here is that most games we offer for the free game are in German, so it does not cause any problems when studying the game rules.

Merkur machines are only limited to players in US! Nevertheless, it is possible to try on our pages more than 150 games of the provider without registration for free!

Merkur games

Without a question, Merkur is one of the most famous US recayers. The company today not only develops slots for US plays and casinos, but always releases new exciting content for Merkur online gambling halls.

Although you can also use Merkur Games in virtual Play game halls for free, But there is a hook: It is in most cases a registration necessary. On our site we offer the most successful and most popular Merkur slots for free tests without having to register. A deposit is not necessary here at no time, so everyone can test the Mercury games in peace - as long as he wants and without any risk.

If you enjoy the sun and want to play Mercury online, finds the best games of the US Provider, like for example:

Every single game in our Merkur game list you have to do it with an original. This means that the game run is 100% like the real money games. The games can be called on both the domestic desktop and on mobile terminals.

Everyone can play with us the slots from Merkur for free without registration, and whenever you feel like it. Thus, getting to know the productions of the US manufacturer is easily possible.

Top slot machines from Merkur - Online Casino Legends at a glance

Merkur is a subsidiary of the already mentioned Gauselmann Group. Compared to other software developers, the company has entered a relatively late in the online casino market. What no one would have thought: the company has quickly become one of the market leaders. This is certainly attributable to the fact that Mercury's automatic games already counted in the land-based gambling halls, casinos and casinos to popular classics.

Meanwhile, the selection of Merkur slot machines on the internet is diverse and everyone should find what he is looking for. The topics of Merkur Online Slots start at classic fruits slots and draw themselves with topics such as fantasy, Egypt and fairy tales up to modern 3D slots. Almost every Mercury classic is equipped with the gamble feature, which is either the ladder or card risk. This function in the Mercury slot machines not only increases the voltage, but can easily multiply profits. Of course, the total loss is possible here - whereby the newer slots make it possible to pay off 50% of its profit for security, which does not offer classical Mercury slot machines.

Each individual of Merkur games also enchants through certain properties with recognition value. This means that not only the two risk functions in Mercury online titles are meant, but also the classic graphics and the typical "daddle noise". This sound that sounds as accompaniment of Mercury games makes the memory of the one-armed bandits in the pubs, snacks and playclothes again.

Even if the gambling market is flooded by futuristic slots, which will find their supporters without question, so have the classic playclothes Merkur Games, which quickly found their way into the virtual skyshalls and now have a firmly recognized place there. Because many players prefer the simple game and just offering the classic Mercury Games.

The five most popular Mercury slot machines

There are a variety of online titles of Merkur Gaming and we provide the five most popular, which are without question as a legendary Merkur machen, here briefly before.

Eye of Horus

Especially lucky knights that are attracted to the exciting adventures in ancient Egypt, Eye of Horus will love. The machine takes the players with an adventure in which is looking for mythical treasures. This slot has a lot in Petto and is definitely worth being considered in more detail. With this slot you have to do it with a 5 roller slot machine, which is provided with ten adjustable paylines. The players can start a spin from 0.20 $ (for all ten paylines) and a maximum of 20 $ per round risk. There is also a bonus function, free spins and of course the popular gamble feature.

This slot is ideal for beginners who want to test first, if gambling or. Online slots are right for you. If you do not want to take a financial risk, you can play the legendary slot for free, of course without registration.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror is one of the Merkur games that enable users to put in the world of fairy tale and experience them there magical moments. With this slot, the provider supplied a real masterpiece. On the rolls, noble knights give the honor and ensure a RTP of 95.94% for correspondingly lucrative profits.

The game is played on a 5 x 3 rolling system with ten fixed paylines. In addition to the magical mirror, some other symbols play more or less important role. They all bring high profits with themselves, if they make a winning combination with at least three identical symbols on a series of profits.

Magic Mirror is without the question of one of the most popular titles from Merkur. Since the slot is so popular, the developers even decided to bring a deluxe variant into the online casinos. Probably the popularity of the slots is mainly due to the topic and the good payouts.

All top - King of Luck

This machine game is a slightly different slot, which has made it from the traditional scores in the online casinos. To stress this slot machine is hard to beat, because with a roller and three symbols, the players fight to climb the ladder.

The little big king is here the King of Luck and he is that the players are on, because he plays a very special role. He not only cares for tension during the game, but also for variety, because he has it fist thick behind his ears and is a real happiness of happiness. But the jackpot is not to be despised. Here players have to try to drive the a little small king to the top. If you want, the earned profits can also be paid out in advance. This is your own decision that should be met carefully, because as soon as the little cute devil shows, the jackpot falls back to zero.

One thing is certain: Even if this slot has only one roll, he still gives much more luck than many of his conspiration with three or five rollers. Here is courage. If you do not venture the real money game, you can test the slot first in demo mode.

El Torero

This slot machine from Merkur Studios is already a real classic. Already many years ago, the slot, which has a classic 5 x 3 roller construction, has been developed. There are also ten variable paylines. Here the manufacturer receives the topic of bullfighting. The background of the winning table shows a bullring, but no one has to worry about animal welfare. The virtual bulls do not suffer any injuries, as little as the Torero. At the sound, the developers for classic machine sounds have decided, although in the case of a profit a modern sound sounds.

There are few profit symbols in this slot machine, but scatter, wild symbols and free spins increase the winning opportunities massively and the game fun is increased directly. Because especially in the ten plays, which can be found in between, it is possible to clearly clear. Anyone who achieves a profit can decide if he activates the risk feature or not. In the end, it is the decision of the player, whether he wants to put his profit on the game or not.

Blazing star

Blazing Star is also one of the Merkur games that counts the classic titles. The usual fruit topic is rounded off here by a glowing star, which is at the same time the namesake of the slot. Classically with five rollers, three rows and five non-adjustable paylines, the player can go hunting for lucrative winners.

But that's not all. Here it gets really hot while playing, because the luminous star is extremely important for the gameplay. He is the symbol that the highest payout brings, which is why you should pay special attention. Per game round is already a use of one $ to get a profit of up to 1.To secure 000 $.

Of course, everyone is free to increase the use or play Blazing Star for free for free to see what special features of the slot offers. Here, however, there is a little disappointment, because with Blazing Star there is no free spins, but the slot proves to be extremely lucrative. Helpful are multipliers, wild symbols and an RTP value of fair 96.31%. Try the title best here with us cost and risk-free!

The popularity of Mercury slot machines - what is the secret of success?

In addition to Novoline, Mercury is a term that has already dealt with gambling. Especially in Europe, these two providers have brought the business with the slot machines. Behind each of the providers is an interesting story that began decades ago. But in the end it was the numerous players who made great success. But why are Merkur games so popular with the gambling fans?

There are some reasons for the popularity of the games of the US machine developer. Most importantly, it is understood that the manufacturer has understood from the first minute to set up wide and offer a game portfolio that appeals pretty much every game type. In addition, there are more points why more and more people play Mercury online.

  • A simple gameplay

Because most Mercury slots are not about particularly many functions or functions. Features have special features, the game mechanics is quite simple. Thus, the player does not have to fight through the rules, but can easily get into the game. Especially for fans classic online slots is just one reason to decide for this manufacturer again and again.

  • versatility

Mercury offers, as well as other providers, machine games for a wide variety of inclinations. The selection ranges from classical fruits topics about mysticism and jackpot slots to history-oriented topics. In addition, free spins, bonus features and multipliers are integrated into the slots. Every now and then it's just about the classic struggle to achieve a profit - without help. Since the provider is constantly publishing new games in Merkur Casinos, it will never be boring.

  • The risk game

The popular Gamble feature of the US manufacturer. It must not be missing in any of his slots. Players have the choice between the conductor and card risk. With this feature, users can play their profit in Merkur online - but only up to a maximum of 140 $.

Last but not least, it is the manageability of slots that makes playing here so attractive. Because the slots are not so many extras compared to other titles that come from Playtech, Netent or Play'n Go. Even on animations is often renounced and that is a large group of players.

The most popular Mercury slot machines - Top rated games

For a long time, the times you could play the Mercury games exclusively offline. Gauselmann has been preparing his slots for a few years together with his partners to play in Merkur Online Casinos. So it is now possible to enjoy the most popular title online and again and again the Mercury will be extended to new games. A big advantage is that you can play the titles of Merkur for free, for example, to test whether one of the automat is affiliated or easy to familiarize yourself with the gameplay.

Of course, the absolute top titles of the developer include as a logo leads the laughing yellow sun. In our portfolio, we now carry over 150 games of the manufacturer and you can play every single machine from Merkur for free. Among them are almost all Merkur Games to find, which are doubate to the most popular count.

In addition to these popular games are in the Mercury Online casinos also to find many more productions. They show how wide the portfolio of the US Game Manufacturer is actually set up. No wonder that on many online platforms the Mercury slot machines are most sought. Many players will come titles such as Sumo Showdown, Golden Stripe or even Wacky Wildlife.

In addition, the jackpot offers are not to be despised. These have a wide follow-up to Merkur Casinos. Under these slots are titles such as

  • Genie jackpots
  • Super Diamond Deluxe or
  • Winstar

These slot machines have already enjoyed some players with an extra high profit. These games were developed by Mercury by Blueprint. The developer studio has perfectly implemented the offline automatic games 1: 1 and brought into Merkur Online Casinos.

But there is Merkur Games not only in the form of slot machines, but in the portfolio of the provider are also games like roulette and blackjack included. Furthermore, there are baccarat and lottery games such as bingo. With craps, the classic under the casino dome games, as well as SiC Bo the offer is rounded off.

Merkur play for free without registration is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the Mercury Slot Machines. There is often a question: why should you play free Merkur online? After all, the main goal is the same for all casino games: with happiness to achieve profits and then pay off them. This topic will be explained again and again, but we would like to take on why Merkur makes sense to play for free.

The most important point is certainly that free Merkur games represent a great help, especially for those players who are constantly looking for variety and therefore looking for new content. They do not like to risk their own money and therefore prefer to play free of charge. But also gamblers who just want to bridge waiting time or want to fill out free time, feel free to gamble one or the other title for free. For further reasons why you should play the games of Merkur online, such as some players want to test certain strategies or tricks you found online first. There is nothing better than the free game, because no one is a risk.

For whatever reason you decide for free games on our site - a registration is not necessary and thus savings.

Mobile Mercury Games - Merkur Magic App for Android and iOS mobile devices

There are many extraordinary games of well-known providers and the Merkur games are without the question, which can be experienced both offline and online. Many classics have made it from the land-based arcade in the online casinos, but it is possible to play the Mercury games on the way on smartphone and tablet?

The answer: But certainly! With his in-house app, the game developer ensures a sensation at US players. The Merkur app makes it possible to play some of the best games of the US developer always and everywhere on Android and iOS devices. The official Merkur Magic App is available in different versions:

The M-Motion App

In this absolutely new app, the exclusive M-Motion Merkur games are available, such as:

  • Asian Towers
  • Princess of the Dead
  • Light blocks

With the continuous monitor at M-Motion, players experience completely new game functions that expand the three middle rolls according to the principle of random upwards. This enormously increases the winning opportunities. In addition, this new Merkur Online Games also has the new riskers in the plus variant. Players can download the application in the app stores for Android and iOS.

The Mercury Magic App

Merkur makes mobile games accessible to everyone with this app. Of course, many classics are included, for example:

  • All tip
  • Double book
  • Triple chance
  • Eye of Horus

But also novelties such as Black Hole are included. The app is an entertainment program, which means that here can be played free of charge without money. The app itself, which will be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

With the two apps, Merkur has further optimized the mobile game that was previously possible via Merkur Mobile Casino Apps or with custom browser versions. Because the new apps are spared the data volume of mobile devices, as the games do not have to be downloaded here.

Roulette in Merkur casinos

In addition to its slot machines, Merkur also offers some roulette variants. Away from the traditional roulette machines found in the gambling halls, there are various versions to discover virtual in online casinos.

One of the most popular Merkur Roulette Games is, for example, Magic Roulette. It's a kind of mini roulette with only 13 numbers. After a profit, you can also gamble (cards or ladder) here, like the slots,. Only set to a single number or. on multiple numbers. With a little luck, it is possible to multiply the gain up to 100 times or even up to 1000 fold.

In addition, the manufacturer also has classic variants such as European Roulette in the program, which could be played under the name Merkur Roulette for a long time in land-based casinos and adapted accordingly for online casinos. But even here, the provider does not deviate from his line, because even in this game there is the map and conductor risk.

The manufacturer also offers the implementation of French Roulette. This is something more demanding in the design. With the usual betting options and a minimum use of $ 0.10, the fun can start. The roulette of Merkur Casino is unforgettable gaming experience.

With the Merkur Roulette App it is also possible on the go to experience the popular and traditional gambling. In the app, the original features of the game such as advertisements, racetrack and permanences are integrated. Played in the roulette app, however, only with play money. If you prefer to risk real money, you must log in to an online casino where Merkur games are offered, and make a deposit. However, most casinoportals do without their own apps, so you have to accept the game in the browser.

Mercury machines for land-based casinos

The family business Gauselmann has brought a wide and very successful path since its founding. Even if the start affected exclusively the installation of musk machines, the then part-time activity of the founder Paul Gauselmann in 1964 in the complete self-employment. Although he underwent a significant work overload, the young entrepreneur took place again and again for his hobby: Among other things, he developed a remote selection box for US music boxes, which is his first of today 300 patents.

The first Merkur station was opened in 1974 and since then the subsidiary of Gauselmann GmbH has become one of the largest national sky chains. The first international venue was opened in 1986 and finally the Merkur Casino GmbH was founded in 2006. The first self-developed and produced Mercury Automat came in 1977 on the market. Since this first Merkur machine and the following simple machines to today's modern slots, a long time has passed. But all Merkur's automatic games have one thing in common: they are set up in stationery, restaurants and casinos in US and abroad.

For the most part, the devices are manufactured by ADP Gauselmann GmbH, while the development of Merkur Slots worldwide takes place in the company's own offices. That's exactly what Mercury can always introduce innovative and successful concepts.

The offer is complex and so it is possible for the company to offer every stand on a suitable concept. Up to 200 games are integrated into the modern multigranes, which can hardly be compared with the old classic machine games. Even the design is customizable and offers best playing comfort.

How to choose the best Mercury Casino?

Not only in land-based gambling halls and banks, Merkur's slot machines are one of the most popular attractions. Even in online casinos, the slots of the US provider enjoy great popularity. However, the Gauselmann Group announced that the Gauselmann Group announced that the entire portfolio from Merkur Online Casinos due to license law problems. Of course, this retreat was not good at the players, but then it came to the big breath. After a long uncertainty, new activities were added again, which suggested that it is possible to play Mercury online.

And so it was, there was always more Mercury casinos and more and more operators cooperated back with the developer. But at the same time there was an error message when US customers wanted to call Mercury games: "This content is not available from your country". Players in this country are thus remained excluded. Nevertheless, there are some classics that can still be played in one or the other online Mercury Playothoth for real money.

If it is about to select a Mercury Casino, certain important points must be considered. On the one hand, it should be ensured that the offers of the casinos match a large part with their own wishes. Because only then will the player feel good and like to continue playing. Everyone has their own preferences and judges a casino portal according to very own standards.

In addition, these basic properties should be considered when you want to enjoy Casino Merkur Games:

  • A trusted Mercury Casino has a valuable US or European license. Safety is only guaranteed.
  • Another important aspect is the payment options. Those who want to play the games of Mercury while gaining money must recharge his player account. Here established providers should be available. Even if PayPal is no longer cooperating with US online casinos, for example, Neteller and Skrill are good alternatives. In addition, payments should expire uncomplicated and the paying period should be customer-friendly.
  • The customer service: It can always come to questions. For this reason, it is important that a more competent and especially German-speaking support is offered. This is best to be available around the clock via live chat. Furthermore, additional contact possibilities by e-mail or free telephone hotline are a plus. Also a FAQ area is part of the good sound.
  • The game offer: The offer at Merkur slot machines should meet your own requirements. Here should be a healthy mix of slots, table and card games and a live casino.
  • The usability: is about the operation of the gambling portal, so this should be intuitive. Also beginners should be able to help themselves. In addition, all content should have been located in German.
  • The bonus offer: Who chooses a new online casino, also pay attention to the welcome bonus. For example, if a Mercury Casino bonus is offered without deposit, then that is always an advantage - if the bonus conditions are fair. In addition, a look at the deposit bonus is important. What is he falling out and are the terms of sales fair and realistic fulfillable? But also subsequent bonuses should be attractive.

This short lineup shows that the topic is very extensive. It's not so easy to find a suitable casino for yourself where you can play carelessly the games of Merkur online. Each player should be aware of themselves what their own focus is on. Only then is it possible to choose one of the Merkur online casinos. In case of doubt, it is even legitimate to log in to several portals, and then for example, to play Merkur for free and test the game environment and service. Subsequently, the decision can fall, where you want to deposit something.

Finally, we would like to mention one thing: to date, none of Merkur Online Casinos really has all slot machines of the US manufacturer on offer. Unfortunately, it remains to be seen knowing how the status of gambling developed in US. Should it come to a renewed start of Mercury, then possibly over the big known Mercury casinos. These will then be 100% again the contact point for Merkur fans. But until this point, players have to meet either the favorite titles in the individual casinos if they want to play for real money, or they play for free and without registration with us.