The Austrian game developer NOVOMATIC brought a number of Novoline Slots on the market. The success story started in 1980, with the games first for the land-based casinos and gambling halls. Only 2010 the provider decided to go online with a corresponding Novoline Game List. to offer the Novoline Games in the online casinos. To start the online appearance, Novoline worked with Greentube and has extended its cooperation with other developer and design studios until today.

The story of Novoline

To horrify the Novoline fans, the provider retreated from the US gambling market at the end of 2018. That was the consequence that the popular games like Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot and Co. no longer available - at least not as real money games. However, today there is a way for the Novoline fans to play the games of Novoline online.

On our website we offer the opportunity to play a whole series of Novoline Games for free and without registration. Simply select the desired slot, call and play novoline for free without registration.

Classic Novoline Slot Machines - Online Casino Legends at a Glance

Novoline is a brand that conjures up a smile in many slot lovers, because there are many legendary novoline vending machines that were already in the land-based gambling halls and casinos absolute number one-hits. All this should now be over? Of course not, because the Novoline classics still exist online, but only in demo mode.

There were also offered in the classic recordings Novoline Games. There are three tracks spontaneously:

In these cases, we can talk without the question of legendary machines of NOVOMATIC AG. We will introduce these three games in more detail, where we can already view that each of these Novoline automatic games were an unbeatable success. Everyone who once played one of them or all of them, knows what we talk about. These games offer a grandiose entertainment, and at a level that previously had hardly any other developer.

Novoline lays with his Products basically value for variety and diversity. It shows that the Novoline games offer everything, which is Lucky knight Wish: adventure, captivating graphics, grandiose underwater slots, fairyties and much more. It does not matter if the classic 3 rolls of slots are preferred or the 5 rolls of games that present far more advanced and innovative. The developers of the Austrian playful skills know what matters and what the Customers wish.

Exactly this is perfect in your diverse Novoline online slot machines. That this succeeds again and again will become apparent when a deeper look at the popular games of the Novomatic Group is thrown. The excellent implementations of extraordinary topics are only the beginning. Because the details of the Novoline Online games show that here professionals are at the start, whose product everyone should test once.

On our side Lucky knight Find a selection of slots and play classic novoline slot machines in demo mode and without registration.

Book of Ra

The absolute classic under the Novoline Slots! Book of Ra was first released in the land-based gambling halls and casinos until the slot then found its way in the online casinos in 2010. The 5 rolling slot takes the players with the old Egypt, where one goes to the search for the mysterious book of the RA. The classic has nine paylines, while the Deluxe version already has 10 paylines. Meanwhile, there are already some imitations of the Slot machine, Where the Novoline fans are safe: none of them is as good as the original.

Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Just skip the predecessor version and deal with the continuation of the popular classic Sizzling Hot - Sizzling Hot Deluxe. Here the developers have packed a classic fruit lot in a modern 5 rolling slot machines. For a classic, the RTP is quite high with 95.66%. Since the gameplay of the slot is simple, even casino newcomers of the entry will be possible easily.

The symbols show all sorts of fruits, a burning 7 and a star. Bonus functions or Free games Is not there at Sizzling Hot Deluxe, apart from the scatter symbol. Novoline also sets simplicity with this slot, mixed with a classic gaming experience.

Lord of the Ocean

Anyone who opens up in the game portfolio of Novoline, which will find that the developers have served many topics to produce unique slot machines and to offer players so tension and good chances of winners. Lord of the Ocean is a slot where it goes into the depths of the seas, down into the kingdom of Neptune.

The game is played on five rolls, about which ten paylines. The symbols show deities and a lot of treasures. Furthermore, the players can look forward to ten free spells. Lord of the Ocean is a slot waiting with tension, bonus functions and corresponding winning opportunities.

Each of these three games mentioned here is a real cult game. Basically, these are not missing in any Novoline Casino, because they are still enjoying great popularity. Although many of the classics have already been copied from other providers or the titles were used as inspiration, the games of Novoline are the original and it's hard to imitate their uniqueness.

The popularity of the Novoline slot machines - what is the secret of success?

Worldwide, Novoline is one of the most popular suppliers. The Austrian game developer has brought numerous well-known slots on the market and there are more and more titles.

Now the question arises why the Novoline Slots did not care about their popularity, even if it is currently not for the USA Lucky knight is possible to play this for real money? What makes these games so special? Is it just the software or rather the bonus functions as well as the gameplay? Or are it features like the free spins, which ensure that the novoline games up to date have lost nothing on their popularity?

The answer is by no means surprising: It is a combination of all the factors mentioned. They all make the novoline games so unique and fantastic. Players who tried one of these slots for the first time in one of the Novoline Casinos will first recognize how awesome are the topics used by the developers. Not only that the Games of Novoline attract with fantastic graphics, but there are many great symbols and ingenious soundtracks. In addition, some of the games are waiting with excellent payout quotas - as long as is not played for free.

There are now dozens of slots and other casino games. In addition, another advantage is added, which will certainly be directly attributable to the Novoline Online online: the simple gameplay. Even beginners will have no problems to start directly with the game. Anyone who has understood the principle once, who becomes every slot of Novoline can easily play online.

Let's summarize what the popularity of the Novoline Slots constitutes:

  • Simple gameplay - This can self-begining simple play with the game.
  • Diverse topics - from colorful fruits on mystical topics to underwater worlds and more.
  • Excellent graphic - The developers basically attach great importance to design high-quality slots in which the graphic already animate the user for playing.
  • Easy construction - The Novoline slot machines usually have three or five rollers, mostly with no more than ten paylines.

Let's put it on the point: the slot machines of the Austrians are simple, but convince from the first minute. This is exactly where the success secrecy of the developer is hidden.

The Best Novoline Slot Machines - Top Reviewed Games

The turn of the year 2017/18 was certainly not so pleasing for the Novoline fans, at least in terms of the news that the Austrian provider withdraws from the US gambling market. From the 01.01.In 2018, in the Novoline Online Casinos was not a single slot of the developer to find more. The end of the song. Those who have previously dealt exclusively with the Novoline Slot machines and classic casino Novoline Games had to look for an alternative - if it was about the real money game. How well that there are still possibilities like us to continue playing novoline games, though only in demo mode.

On our website you can play the games of Novoline for free without registration. So we ensure that the provider's games are not forgotten and at the same time are freely accessible. It does not matter if the faded fan of Novoline play online or if you just like to try something new.

Nobody has to register with us, you can go directly - so no witchwork to test one or perhaps several of the slot machines.

Book of Ra - the slot that does not require words

The Novoline Games List contains a variety of well-known titles, including Dolphin's Pearl, Lucky Lady's Charm and Fist. But in the Novoline casinos, there was ultimately "the" a slot machine: Book of Ra.

This slot is not only one of the great classics of the Austrian provider, but has already been cubged by many other software manufacturers. The player goes here to the trip to the old Egypt. Here is the mysterious book the crucial symbol when it comes to the very big profits. Even today, Book of Ra draws the players in his spell and is one of the Novoline Slot Machines, which can convince with a variety of sequels:

For those who have not so much with the ancient Egypt at the hat, there are many more games in the list of novoline games like Columbus. From this slot there is already a deluxe version in the Novoline Online Casinos. This slot machine appeals above all the gamblers who delight for history and shipping. Here are the Lucky knight, who already know the fruit solder Mega Joker, because this slot has been converted here. The classic joker has turned into the legendary seafarer Columbus.

The big advantage is that there are a variety of novoline online games, so everyone finds exactly what he is looking for. In addition, you can play Novoline for free with us.

Novoline classics that everyone should know

Certainly the preferences of the players, but in our view, Book of Ra is always the undisputed king, even if this slot is only available if you play for free at Novoline. Without Novoline genuine money games there are no novoline online casinos more, that's logical. But how good that there are pages like ours where you can play the best games of the provider novoline for free. These are top games like:

These names have also established themselves and count as novoline games to the absolute hits. Surely there are many more hits that are found in the list of provider, because after all, Novoline has brought well over 200 titles to market. Ultimately, the own taste decides which the slots is one of the personal top titles.

Note: There are always providers in the market that promote them that they have the games of Novoline in the portfolio. But be careful, because a number of designers are always trying to copy the originals. Connoisseurs will recognize the plagiarism at first glance. Striking are these by wrong spellings, strange symbols or by bad chances of winning.

We can assure all players that on our site we exclusively the originals of Novoline in Free demo mode to offer. The slots do not differ from the real money vending machine, except that playing money is played here and there is no profit payouts.

Novoline Live Casino Games with Live Dealer

The Novomatic Group took over 2014 Extreme Live Gaming. With the company specializing in live casino games, Novoline began to offer classic table games in the live casinos. The Austrians put on the know-how and the technological possibilities that had extreme live gaming. The success did not last long. Because the live dealers are well trained and professional experts.

Through membership of the Novomatic Group, Extreme Live Gaming was possible to offer former Novomatic Games in the Novoline Live Casinos, but at the same time also produce their own games. Among the most popular games of the provider include Live Blackjack and Live Roulette, with the Live Casino available via mobile devices.

2018 Novomatic sold his subsidiary Extreme Live Gaming to Pragmatic Play. This was the suspicion that the Austrian company continues to retire from the online casino scene. Because first, the Novoline games were taken offline virtually overnight, which led to the US slot fans looking for the games of Novoline with the magnifying glass.

In addition to the slots, the Novoline Live Casinos were particularly popular with games like Book of Ra Roulette. The sad news is, live games of Novoline no longer exist.

Card games of Novoline and other games

The manufacturer not only has a wide selection of Novoline slot machines, but also on table games. Interesting is the fact that Novomatic could celebrate great successes in 1980 with its land-based table games. It was the first, which were operated electronically. You are still to be found in the land-based gambasinos.

The game manufacturer was thus well prepared to publish a good selection of table games in the online casinos. Each one of the Novoline games convinces with a smooth gameplay. Another advantage is that there is a wide selection of games, so everyone finds the appropriate for his needs. In Novoline Casinos, table games such as SIC Bo, Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette can be found.


One of the most popular card games in the online casino. The blackjack enjoys such a great popularity, is mainly because the player has his luck in their own hands. The roulette is not the case rather. The goal is to achieve the 21 points, not to exceed and / or achieve a higher score than the dealer.


The selection in the Novoline Casinos is great and here is the provider benefits from its experience in the land-based casinos. There are some interesting variants like:

  • Globe Roulette Pro
  • Sky roulette
  • Globe roulette
  • American roulette
  • Grand Roulette Royal

Thus, Novoline covers a wide range of roulette variants. But most popular is the Globe Roulette series, where the rules apply from the French Roulette, but a LA Party Rule is integrated. That means, the ball falls to the zero, then the player receives 50% of his insert. This offers this roulette variant the Striking The best winning opportunities.

As far as the further selection of Novoline games in the category table games is concerned, there are other interesting games that we would like to introduce briefly here.

Royal Crown European Roulette

The name suggests that it is about a variant of European roulette. The game has already been published in 2013 and is played with the numbers from 0 to 36. The advantage of this roulette variant is that it is simple to build.

The game has different betting options. So it is possible to put on the 18 high and the low numbers. Also betting on red or black as well as the dozen bet and column bet are possible. Before the game is started, you have to make his use, which starts at 0.50 $. The table limit is set to 100 $.

American Poker 2

Poker is one of the most played and most popular table games. The Novoline Poker variant brings the thrill directly to the players in the domestic living room. Here you can prove yourself the own poker capabilities against the machine.

American Poker 2 starts after the cards were mixed and five of them were placed on the table. The game uses a standard deck with 52 cards and a joker card. This special joker card replaces any other card the player receives. The placed bet applies to the first hand. Depending on the cards already received, a second draw can be purchased for the price of the current use. If the winning combination "Jacks or Better" is kept on hand with happiness, then it will only be paid out if a second ticket purchase takes place.

Royal Crown 3 Card Brag

Here wins the best leaf. Played with a deck from 52 cards without joker. The decision falls with the three cards the player has on hand. The goal is to achieve a better sheet than the dealer. Is also set to Pair Bonus, then the player wins regardless of the leaf of the dealer, if two same cards are on the hand. It is possible to play the main game and pair bonus at the same time or separated from each other.

Royal Crown Blackjack

Here, as with all other blackjack variants: 21 wins! Up to three hands can be the Lucky knight play here at the same time, which increases the tension about another. The player has his luck in his hand. In this variant, the dealer must stop at a "soft 17" and may not take a map anymore. This is a fact that makes the game so interesting. It should be noted that the game is not only playable at the desktop PC, but also plays comfortably on the mobile devices.

Novoline machines for land-based casinos

The Austrian provider Novoline is one of the world famous brands in gambling area. In the Online casinos There is an impressive portfolio of Novoline machines that are interesting for the experienced players as for the newcomers. So there is the classic Novoline machine games like Book of Ra, which helped that the company could increase its reputation in comparison to Playtech and Mercury much faster online.

For a long time, the vending machines of Novoline were found exclusively in the land-based gambling halls and in the state casinos that cooperated with the provider. The demand grew further and still today there are numerous game banks - even in US - in which the real money games of the Austrian are set up.

Meanwhile, it is not only individual Novoline slots that are found in the land-based gambling halls and casinos, but modern slot machines. These are waiting for up to 150 different titles. The latest "Cabinet", as mentioned the modern slot machines of the game developer is Funmaster. In this, a Game Mix can be integrated in which popular games are included like:

Thus, Novoline offers the opportunity to accommodate the largest hits of the company in a slot machine and thus to give the players the selection.

The Novoline Automat online and offline differs in the fact that only one use between 0.05 $ and 4 $ is possible in the land-based casinos. As far as the software is concerned, there are no differences between the games. That is, Book of RA works offline as well as online, with the number of paylines mostly reduced.

What are the alternatives to the Novoline Slots?

"Old Hasen" among the players know that Novoline Games are no longer available for US players in the real money version. Why Novoline has withdrawn from the US market, it can only be speculated. Where many claim that this is related to the Paradise Papers and the accusation that the US laws were purposely circumvented. This should also have been the reason for the main competitor Mercury took place. When and whether this will change, nobody can say. Even the provider does not provide information about it.

Some of the online casinos, which still had the Novoline slot machines in the program until the end of 2017, decided to allow the US players, but to lock Novoline Games for them. Accordingly, the gamblers who like to play slots from Novoline must rely on alternatives - at least if they want to play for real money. Because now there are some websites like ours where you can play Novoline for free.

We once again looked after alternatives for the Novoline Games and give them some. All suggestions are of course also playable for free, so everyone can make an idea of whether the alternative also meets the requirements and can range the Novoline Games the water.

Book of Ra

Book of Ra is the absolute classic when it comes to "book games", the ancient Egypt and myths and adventure. Already from the land-based gambling halls the slot is known. But after the Novoline does not play for the USA anymore Lucky knight If real money Game is available, it is important to search for suitable alternatives.

One of the most famous alternatives is without question Book of Dead from Play'n Go. The slot is known as the original from Austria, known for its simple but at the same time fascinating presentation.

In addition, there are many more alternatives that can play Gambler as a replacement to the popular classic of Novoline online. We have listed these once in a table:

Title / manufacturer Profit lines particularities RTP
Book of Dead / Play'n Go 10
Free games, wild and bonus symbol 96.21%
Riches of Ra / Play'n Go 15
Free games, wild symbol 94.00%
Legends of Ra / Evoplay 9
Bonus game and symbols, free spins, scatter and wild symbol 92.20%
Egypt Gods / EvoLay 9 Free Spins, Scatter and Wild Symbol 94.70%
Rise of RA / EGT 15 Free spins, multipliers, jackpot, scatter and wild symbol 95.97%
Cleopatra / IGT 20 Free spins, scatter and wild symbol 95.02%

Sizzling hot

Sizlling Hot, one of the Novoline slot machines, which is oriented to the classic fruit slots and still looks up with a lot of tension. Not for nothing the slot machines translated "boiling hot". The symbols show colorful fruits and there is also a red seven and a star. On special functions you have to do without here, so that the players can focus fully on the events on the rollers.

For players who are interested in the classic retro slots, the elimination of the slots from the Austrian gambling scholars is certainly painful. But there are quite significant sizzling hot alternatives of different providers like play'n go and red tiger gaming.

Title / manufacturer Profit lines particularities RTP
20 super hot / s 20 Jackpot, Scatter & Wild symbols 95.79%
Five Star / Red Tiger Gaming 3 Re-spins, multiplier 95.26%
Ninja Fruits / Play'n Go 15 Bonus game, free spins, scatter & Wild 94.15%
Fruits of the Nile / Playson 5 Scatter & Wild 95.37%
Joker Millions / Yggdrasil 25 Bonus game, jackpot, jokerizer mode, multiplier, re-spins 94.30%
Crazy Fruits / Kayot 5 Joker, bonus game, multi-joker, free spells k.A.

Lord of the Ocean

Many have expressed themselves to Lord of the Ocean and described him as one of the Novoline title, which has come to the years. But for many others, this slot machine is one of the slots that has sexy aspects. Because who has played this classic already in the arcade around the corner and achieved profits, which will certainly want to try to continue online online. There is an important fact: This machine game has a pleasantly Simple Gameplay, so that newcomers can join them immediately in this.

The design is not to be despised, because the underwater topic is excellently implemented and the symbols are consistent. Who does not want to play for free Novoline, is also looking for the best alternatives.

Anyone who preferred Lord of the Ocean, who should look after the slot machines that treat similar topics. Recommended alternatives for Lord of the Ocean are offered by different game developers.

Title / manufacturer Profit lines particularities RTP
Age of the Gods: God of Storms / Playtech 25 Expanding wild, re-spins, jackpot, multiplier, wild 96.14%
Atlantis / Gaming1 20 Bonus symbols, free spins, wild 96.33%
Atlantis Queen / Playtech 25 - Both directions Bonus game, bonus symbol, free spins, scatter, wild, substitution icons 95.98%

Dolphin's Pearl

Behind this title is one of the most popular novoline games. The system of the slot is used in many of the well-known games like Book of Ra and Sizzling Hot. Here the player is kidnapped into the underwater world, which is full of surprises and profits. Dolphin's Pearl is one of the modern 5 rollers slot machines with three rows and nine paylines. The developers also have the typical design here and so it is possible the Novoline fans to make the settings practically in their sleep. But also beginners can be done quickly.

Since Novoline does not allow real money games more in US, there are alternatives that can be fairly measured by the original.

Title / manufacturer Profit lines particularities RTP
Pearl Lagoon / Play'n Go 20 Freespiel, multiplier, scatter & Wild 94.83%
Dolphin's treasure / evoplay 9 Bonus game, bonus symbol, scatter & Wild 94.10%
Dolphin's Island / Isoftbet 243 profit routes Bonus game, free spells, wild 96.56%
Dolphin Quest / Microgaming 50 Bonus game, free spins, multiplier, scatter & Wild 96.12%
Dolphin Cash / PlayTech 30 Bonus game, bonus symbols, free spins, multiplier, scatter & Wild 94.58%
Riches of the Sea / Microgaming 20 Free games, scatter & Wild 95.05%

Lucky Lady's Charm

Another classic is Lucky Lady's Charm, to which the players in US have to do without real money mode. The pretty lady on the rolls excited online as offline due to the right simple game principle, which is particularly captivating at the same time. Meanwhile, there are some players who have played online the game principle after the withdrawal from the Novoline online. We introduce these briefly here:

Title / manufacturer Profit lines particularities RTP
Lady of Fortune / Play'n Go 15 - Both directions Bonus game, wild 93.96%
Lil 'Lady / IGT 40 Bonus symbol, free spins, wild 93,00%
Lady Luck / GameArt 20 Substitution symbols, free spins, multiplier, scatter, wild 96.00%
Super Lady Luck / Isoftbet 243 profit routes Bonus Wheel, Jackpot, Re-Spins, Wilds, Free Spins 95.46%