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Extra Wild is modern and digital, but has preserved his loving and classic analogue character despite everything. Here, the air is allowed to be supplied with real slot machines and quickly understands, which is why there is still such a big fascination of them. At the beginning you may have to take a little time to understand this game in his entirety, but this few rounds is worth it. Alone the big tension that houses this game in itself are a true show.

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Extra wild - especially wild, this game is only at second glance. At the beginning it seems even old-fashioned and sluggish in his processes. But one may not be fooled at Extra Wild Online. Behind the colorful main sign and the nearly childlike design hides a game that brings one to the boundaries. Again and again you have to ask yourself the question of whether one is still ready to go this path of great risk. Anyone who gets involved that is guaranteed rewarded - through big profits and a long-lasting exciting fun.

Extra Wild Online - These rules require everyone out

Hardly any other game comes with such a few rules. But at the extra wild you can not be fooled by the simplicity of the rolling game. It is the beginning of a wild risk game that all kind of player demanded everything. It is less the game that challenges one as the rules in the gamble that challenges a regularly to go to his limits.

Ready to gamble?

At Extra Wild, it sometimes happens that the gambling lasts after a gain achieved longer than the rolling game itself. The ordinary game may quite understood as access to Gambling, which makes the heart and soul of extra wild online. As a player you even have the choice between two methods. So it's all about a self, where and how to risk something:

  • Card-Gamble: The Card Gamble feature of Extra Wild does not differ from other slots. Oh here, the color of a hidden card decides whether the profit is doubled or nothing remains. Up to five times you can try in this feature on his luck.
  • Ladder gamble: This feature of Extra Wild Online is based on a ladder. On such a trying to achieve the next level. Even with the ladder gamble you have a 50 percent chance to climb the next rung. If you reach them, this means the doubling of the profit. Again, the player is available again up to five individual levels.
  • Calculated risk: Who does not want to wear another attempt after a doubling, but the fear of losing everything is just too big? For such a case, there is a small peculiarity at extra wild, which hardly find it elsewhere. The player can decide to give only one half of the money to gamble, the other half is booked immediately as a profit. In this way, the risk can be better controlled.

Play the conclusion to extra game free without registration

Immediately, fast and with a big tension - so the slot machine is extra wild from the well-known US developer Mercury be summarized. Despite the missing complex rules and even without detailed and state-of-the-art design, the extra game succeeds in free to generate a maximum of voltage. Thus, it asserts its place among the large classics in the industry and quite understandable, especially because of the special gamble features, which is why the extra wild for free play often other, far more complex games, is preferred.

Extra Wild is less about the wild icon or the scatter symbol than rather about its own risk readiness. Make sure of Merkur not only happiness, but also himself out. Which strategy is attached to the day and which tips and tricks open up from the extra game for free without registration? With each round one grows as a player a piece, slowly you get a feel for the peculiarities. There is hardly a more uplifting feeling than that when you dare to be a brave step at the right time and is rewarded for it. At Extra Wild Online, it is a conjunction from the profit combinations, the active profits and their own risk-taking, which at the end decides whether a round was successful or whether the deployment is lost. Play the slot machine for free without registration shows how long a single round can be in this machine game. Thanks to the gamble round. Once these are reached, so both heads and a good gut feel are in demand.

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Maximum promote your own talent - gain real money with the extra wild slot

Happiness expresses itself through many things. But it is not the most beautiful when luck gets tangible and you have the opportunity to treat yourself to something genuine? When playing extra wild is it nice, if a simply designed game indicates that the fictional stack of coins has grown again after a success. But with regard to the own tactic and the procedure for the next round extra wild, it hardly changes something. The game of Mercury may in his Free version, who is playable without registration, how to see a workout. Making mistakes nothing and quiet may be remedied, how high the willingness to take a great risk.

Free games without deposit are just one of many incentences that offer well-known US online casinos, if you decide for a registration and at least troubles the way and try the game for real money. Play for free compared to the extra game, the tension increases with the game for real money noticeably. The extra wild slot feels very different when playing. So that the change will fall online as easily as possible, it is well recommended for the slot machine To search casino, that is a little paid for the uncomplicated and quick registration.